Harvest House serves as a short-term transitional home for men recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Our mission is to provide housing and spiritual resources within a Christ-centered community to help men remain grounded in their recovery and committed to their faith walk.

Harvest House encourages independence, responsibility, accountability, and unity. Understanding that no one's pathway to addiction is the same, each man's recovery process is also an individual journey. 

Rebuilding the Broken Man

Every time I share my story- I'm taken back to a very cold, desperate and dark place. I knew in my inner most being that the way I was living was literally killing me. As a younger man, desperate moments like this brought thoughts of suicide and on a few of these occasions; I made serious attempt to end it all. Motivated mainly by shame, I just couldn't bear the thought of facing the people whose hearts I kept ripping out. After becoming a father, the serious thought of suicide never once again crossed my mind- even though I was convinced that my son would be better off without me in his life. I also knew that I could not stop using drugs. In and out of treatment for close to 30 years didn't turn it around. 

Thank God that is not where my story ends. In fact, this is where my new life began. Admitting defeat and truly recognizing my need to surrender was the site work where my new foundation would be built. My treatment counselor and I prayed together and asked God to show us what my next move should be. Within days, I was on a phone interview with the house manager at the Harvest House in Bel Air, MD. When I arrived at Harvest House, I knew that God's hand was on my journey. God's presence was and still is undeniable. 

I graduated in 7 months and it's been over 4 years since I left Harvest House. I met a beautiful lady who shares my love for Jesus and we were married 2 1/2 yrs ago. Over these past four years, I've watched my son heal and grow in his faith. My career is in a better place than it's ever been- but the biggest gift has been being of service to others. To give back what was freely given to me when I was hopeless. I will forever be grateful to Harvest House; and those who believed in me and cheered me on.



...The biggest gift has been being of service to others.

To give back what was freely given to me when I was hopeless.